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MBA Rendezvous

Montana Bandmasters Association

Seeley Lake Rendezvous

June 20-23, 2022 at Camp Paxson


Significant focus this year will be “Hands On” activities of various types. Dr. Tobin Stewart from MSU will be joining us to present some conducting related activities so please bring your batons! Professor Rob Tapper from U of M would like to return to Rendezvous and share some of his innovative strategies on improvisation, rhythm section development and general conducting/teaching Jazz Band.

At the Rendezvous “Skull Session” at the conclusion of Rendezvous 2021 the participants expressed, among other things, the desire to return to the “Hands On” type of sessions we have done in the past, with some modifications. It was suggested that we focus on the less familiar or more challenging instrument group as opposed to the more familiar. That group includes bassoon, euphonium, horn, Non Bb clarinets (Eb, alto, bass and contrabass), the sax family and sax ensemble music suitable for festival use. In addition to focus on those instruments it was urged that we have MBA members who actually teach those instruments to beginning and intermediate level students present those sessions. We are asking some of our MBA members with knowledge, experience and success in teaching those instruments to share their experiences for the benefit of everyone.

We have modeled our sessions at Rendezvous on MMEA sessions and have had them be 90 minutes long since the beginning. It was suggested that we offer a brief break in the middle of some sessions if participants feel the need. As we have more flexibility in our schedule at Rendezvous we can certainly do that if desired.