Listserv Mail Group Instructions

How to Post to the Bandmasters mailing list.

You must be a member of the Montana Bandmasters to access this benefit (see below). Only members on the bandmasters list can post to the list.

  1. Type ten.t1674882624silym1674882624@sret1674882624samdn1674882624ab1674882624 into the address field.
  2. Send your message
  3. It’s that simple

How to join the Bandmasters mailing list.

First you will have to contact MBA Treasurer Elliot Cross at su.tm1674882624.21k.1674882624lerua1674882624l@sso1674882624rc_to1674882624ille1674882624 to verify your membership.

The Bandmasters webmaster (Steve) will email you an invitation to join the Mail Group.  The invitation expires after 3 days.  If you don’t see it, check your spam/junk folder.  Once it has expired, you will have to request another at ten.s1674882624retsa1674882624mdnab1674882624@rets1674882624ambew1674882624

Below are the steps you will follow in order for you to complete your subscription to the Bandmasters mailing list.

1) Click the link in the message in order to accept the invite.

2) Web page opens and will request for you to confirm your subscription. Here is where you add your first and last name. Then click “subscribe”.

3) Web page will now say “Subscription request confirmed”. Click on “Proceed to your membership login”.

4) The next web page is looking for the password that was just auto-generated. Go back to check your email again and you should have a “Welcome” message. Towards the bottom it will have the password you need. Copy it and go back to the login page to enter it, then login.

5) Once logged in, look for the “Change your password” section (halfway down on the right side). You’re ready to go.