News & Events

News & Events

2024 Montana All-State Jazz Band

Friday, January 12 – Sunday, January 14

Helena, MT

Dear Montana Band Directors,

We are excited to announce the auditions for the 2024 Montana All-State Jazz Bands! We hope you will encourage all of your interested students to submit an audition recording this year. Audition recordings are due by 12 midnight on Wednesday, November 1. 

We are incredibly excited to announce that Barb Catlin and Steve Roach will be our guest conductors for the 2024 Montana All-State Jazz Bands.

All-State Jazz will take place in Helena on Friday, January 12, thru the afternoon of Sunday,  January 14, 2024.  Registration/Welcome around 4pm on Jan 12 in Helena. A detailed itinerary will be posted shortly. If you have any questions at any time, please email moc.l1701897027iamg@1701897027zzaje1701897027tatsl1701897027laana1701897027tnom1701897027

We are excited to provide more opportunities for all student musicians in Montana. This year, in addition to the usual Jazz Band, we are continuing the Small Schools All-State Jazz Band, a group designed to better serve schools with smaller student populations, including Class B and C schools. The audition materials are different for the Small Schools band, and are listed below.  If a student from a Class B/C school wishes to be considered for the Large School All-State Jazz Band, they must also submit the All-Northwest audition materials as a separate application and audition. Students submitting the All-Northwest jazz audition will be eligible for all Montana All-State jazz bands.

Large School audition materials are the usual All-Northwest Jazz Auditions

For Small Schools (Class B & C):  Audition Directions and Materials

Upload each student audition here:  2024 Montana All-State Jazz Audition Upload Form.

There are no fees for audition applications this year. Audition recordings are submitted through the Google form linked above. Selections will be announced by December 1.  Directors should be aware that the fees for participation in this ensemble are $175/student.  Fees will not cover transportation, housing, or chaperone expenses.  Districts are responsible for transportation to/from Helena, housing, and chaperoning of students during the event.

If you have any questions, please email moc.l1701897027iamg@1701897027zzaje1701897027tatsl1701897027laana1701897027tnom1701897027.

Thank you for continuing to nurture jazz education in Montana. We wish you all positive connections and fulfilling experiences with your students this year.


Cole Bass

Jesse Dochnahl

Monte Grise

Cody Hollow

Lewis Nelson

Willi Prince

Rob Tapper

Duane Zehr