MBA Policy Statement

MBA Policy Statement 

Approved by unanimous vote of the MBA Board on 12.5.2020.  Updated on 6.25.21.

Section 1:  Meeting Protocol

The following order of business shall be observed at all regular meetings of this association:

  • Roll Call of members and a verbal review, and acknowledgement of honorary members by the secretary which shall be kept up to date each year (Introductions at Thursday Planning Meeting only).
  • Reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting.
  • Reports of messages from the President.
  • Treasurer’s report.
  • Committee reports.
  • Unfinished business.
  • New business.
  • Installation of officers.
  • Good of the order.

Changes may be made to the MBA Policy Statement by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors.  The MBA President may conduct voting via email, conference call or in person.

Section 2:  Website

A Webmaster may be contracted for the MBA website content and maintenance with board approval. The webmaster will report to the MBA President.

Section 3: Business Members

Business membership dues will be $25.00 per school year. $20.00 will go toward the MBA scholarship program and $5.00 will go toward an administration fee. The MBA will distribute a list of Business members and services that they offer to the membership yearly (suggested time – fall conference).

Section 4: Board of Directors “Job Descriptions”


  • Attend MMEA Executive Board meetings in January, October and others as called by the MMEA President.
  • Hire clinicians; collect contracts/photos/bios/descriptions/handouts; arrange for compensation.  The president will seek board approval for fees over $1000.
  • Plan and lead Annual Planning Meeting, Annual Business Meeting, Fall Board Retreat/Planning Meeting.  Create and distribute agendas ahead of time.
  • Oversee all committees: Board nominating committee, etc.
  • Oversee the Webmaster and maintenance of the MBA website.


  • Manage accounts and handle all transactions of the organization.
  • Assist President with mailings and other office related tasks.
  • Provide a Treasurer’s Report at the Annual Business Meeting.
  • File annual report to IRS on time to maintain 501c3 status with the state of Montana.

Region Representatives:

  • Reach out to new band directors in their regions, inviting them to join MBA and attend our MMEA Conference and MBA Rendezvous event.
  • Participate in all meetings, including online board meetings called by the President.
  • Assist the president with tasks related to the MMEA Conference, new member outreach and other projects designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 5: Approved Expenditures

The following items will be considered approved expenditures and do not require discussion by the Board of Directors:

  • Postage for mailing items for a total of under $100.
  • Webmaster fees, website hosting fees and other bills.
  • Mileage reimbursement for the fall planning meeting  (up to $100 per driver, members from the same region are asked to carpool).
  • Plaques for past-presidents.
  • Miscellaneous office supplies up to $50 per quarter.
  • Meals, site rental and other essential expenses related to the MBA Rendezvous.

Section 6: MBA Rendezvous Professional Development Event

An effort will be made to keep open lines of communication between MBA President and MBA Rendezvous director, with a goal of minimizing overlap between topics presented at the MMEA Conference and Rendezvous.  All income and expenses for this event will pass through the MBA bank account.  

Registered Rendezvous participants who are current MBA members will pay a reduced registration fee of $200 if they present one or more sessions at the event.

Both the Rendezvous Coordinator and Rendezvous Continuing Education Coordinator will attend the event free of charge.

Section 7: Clinician Compensation

Current MBA members who serve as clinicians at the annual MMEA Conference will receive $100 as a token of appreciation for their service.